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Hour of Code has arrived at Jefferson!!!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

The Hour of Code kicked off last week around the world, where kids across the globe were busy coding.   Jefferson Elementary held an assembly with several special guests to surprise the students with a $10,ooo check awarded to the school.  The check was presented by Mayor Sue Fuchtman to principal Angie Hausmann and is to be used on technology.  The Hour of Code picks one school in each state and Jefferson was chosen to receive this grant.  So far ten osmos and 6 dash and dot robots have been purchased for the school and students are patiently awaiting to try these tools out.  Thanks to the Connie Fund Jefferson has been able to go 1:1 with technology this year which is allowing them to spend a whole week doing an hour of coding each day before break.  During the assembly a few third grade students were able to show everyone how they had programmed drones they had been working on.  The students were in awe watching the drones move around and flip in the gym.  The school is excited to see where all this technology will lead and looks forward to using the osmos and robots soon. Meanwhile they are enjoying coding Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen and tallying up their lines of coding.




















November Student of the Month at Jefferson Elementary is….Levi Guico!!!

Friday, December 4th, 2015

014Congratulations to Levi for earning November Student of the Month.  Levi always shows kindness, compassion and is a true friend to all students.  He is extremely responsible, organized and turns in quality work on time.  Levi gives 110%  and is a great role model by following classroom and school rules always; giving a helping hand to whoever may need one.  His attitude is positive and he is very patient with others being a team player and leader in the classroom.  Another great quality Levi shows is his perseverance and love to learn.  Last but not least, we all love seeing his infectious smile he wears wherever he goes!  Way to go Levi, thanks for being a great leader at Jefferson.


Pizza with the Parents at Jefferson!!!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015



IMG_3941Pizza with the parents is held each November as a PTO, Title and ELL sponsored event.  Families are invited to come and eat pizza in the gym and then go to their child’s classroom and learn something new.  Students are able to show their parents how they take an Accelerated Reading test, show them how they are using SEE-SAW on their I pads or Wonders Reading on their Chromebooks.  The focus this year was how we are using our new technology in the classroom.  All Jefferson students who attend are entered into a drawing to win a chance to go into the “money cube”  They get to go in the cube for one minute and grab all the cash and prize tickets they can!  During this events all the top AR readers are announced and receive a prize also.  This event is a great way to get the kids excited about all the fun and new ways we can read and gives the parents a chance to see what and how their kids are learning each day.  All students leave with a prize and a book to take home also!IMG_3937





Jefferson October Student of the Month is….Kylie Sisson

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Congratulations to Kylie Sisson for being October’s Student of the Month!  Kylie is a hard worker and excellent listener.  She uses her time wisely, always turns in complete assignments and is determined to always do her best.  Kylie also is not afraid to ask questions to make sure she understands and uses common sense.   Her friends look up to her as she is a good leader always working well with others being a friend to all.

Some other qualities Kylie models are:

*shows citizenship-always polite and considerate

*contributes and participates in class discussions

*wonderful peer mentor

*shows lots of initiative

*very dependable

*a positive role model

* has shown outstanding academic achievement

Way to go Kylie, thanks for being a great student!



Plus Time at Jefferson!

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

The first 8 weeks of Plus Time were a success at Jefferson.   Students are put into different groups every two weeks and then are able to go to a “Plus Time” based on need.  Students travel to Math, Reading, Accelerated Reading, Computer Lab, the Library and several other groups over the quarter.  Some students are able to do crafts and games at times, while others may do readers theaters and do different activities based on a book they may read.  This time gives students a chance to strengthen their skills in areas that they may be struggling with and also gives students that are not struggling a chance to do some above average activities.  Plus time benefits all students and has been a great addition to the school.  The staff has done a wonderful job of working with all the students and making learning fun!










Science Day in Madison for Jefferson 2nd graders

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Jefferson 2nd grade students were able to spend a day in Madison participating in the Science Fair.  Students were able to rotate through several different stations learning about all aspects of science.  They were able to ride pedal carts, do an obstacle course, make bird feeders, turn on a light bulb using electricity and even be inside a huge bubble!  They also went to several stations to learn about fire safety, drunk driving and robotics.  Jefferson students ended the day with a picnic at the local park.  What a wonderful experience for the 2nd graders!





















Fall Plus Time at Jefferson!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


Jefferson students concluded Fall Plus Time by walking to Johnson Park to collect different colored leaves and foliage.  It was a beautiful Fall day and the kids loved getting out for a walk.  When they returned to school they talked about the different leaves and why they were changing colors.  They then created wreaths using paper plates, scissors, glue & their leaves.  What a fun Fall project for all!

leaf 3

leaf 5




Jefferson students learn how to stay healthy!

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Students from UNMC @ NECC came to Jefferson and presented several different stations to teach kids about their health.  The nursing students did a wonderful job with the 2015 Health fair.  Some of the stations included a Yoga center where students were able to do yoga on the mats while listening to music and a dental station where kids learned how to brush properly and received a toothbrush to take home.  Another popular station was the germ center where kids were able to see under black light how many germs were actually still on their hands after washing them!  “How much sugar is in your drink?” had lots of useful information.  The kids were able to see how much actual sugar was in drinks such as milk, juice, pop, red bull and water and were reminded to read labels and make good choices when choosing their drinks.  The students also were able to learn ways to control their anger by thinking of safe ways to vent and appropriate actions to take.  The nursing students did a wonderful job presenting and Jefferson students and staff learned lots.  What a fun day!007



health fair




Jefferson 1st Grade at the theater!

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Jefferson first grade students went to the play “Room on the Broom” at the Johnny Carson Theater.  There were over 1,ooo students from around the area that attended the play.  The  kids enjoyed the audience participation, singing and were laughing throughout the show.  The actors were from London, England which was neat for the kids to hear the accents.  What a great experience these kids were able to have.play4




Jefferson Student of the Month is….Coleson Barritt

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Congratulations to Coleson for being chosen as Jefferson’s Student of the Month!  Every month a Jefferson 4th grade student will be chosen to receive this honor.  They will get their name put on a plaque in the Jefferson hallway and will be given a desk trophy courtesy of Hy-Vee.  Coleson is a wonderful leader for our school, he is extremely responsible and organized always going above and beyond what is expected of him.  He is a lifelong learner, striving to learn more all the time.  Some other qualities that Coleson has are: he is kind and generous, carries a positive attitude, shows cooperation and teamwork, uses his free time to help others learn, shows respect for all students and adults, is a great role model by following all school rules and expectations, turns in quality work on time, has great sportsmanship, and always strives to do better.  Way to go Coleson!