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“What I love most about my classroom is whom I share it with.”

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


IMG_9725This week in Mrs. Tipton’s Kindergarten classroom we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. We celebrated this holiday by incorporating hearts and love into many of our daily activities that day and throughout the rest of the week. We read many read aloud stories all about love and Valentine’s. We also spent our writing time writing about who we love and why we love them. In math, we got to use candy hearts to practice and learn how to sort and graph. Here is a sneak peak into our day full of hearts, candy and love.


100 Days Smarter!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Mrs. Schold’s group recently celebrated their 100th day of school. That means these kiddos are 100 (plus a few) days smarter! It is amazing what 100 days of learning can do. These children are reading books, writing two or more sentences, and even doing math facts! This group is working hard to prepare for first grade.



LIFE at Westside

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

In our Elementary LIFE program, we work on many essential skills for independence that range from functional academics to self care. Typically we build opportunities to practice these skills into the natural occurring events of our school day. Sometimes, though, we just need to have a break and do something that seems like it is just for fun. Here our students can be seen working on core muscle strength, balance and stability, and hand strength while enjoying every minute of it.



The Cat’s Cradle

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Mrs. Spiering’s class learned about different games around the world this week during reading. To finish up our study, we learned about Ayatori which is a Japanese art of wrapping string around fingers to make designs. The kids had a blast experimenting and finally mastering “The Cat’s Cradle”.


unnamed (1)


We’re Over the Hill

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

4th graders at Westside celebrated the 100th day of school by writing about their lives….as if they were 100! Students had to write about where they live, what their career was, how big their family was, and what their biggest accomplishments were.



It’s amazing how many Olympic Gold Medal winners we have here at Westside! Our futures look BRIGHT!



FUN in P.E.

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Westside gym is a “FUN” place to be! Tumbling to Basketball to Jump Rope for Heart!

Basketball dribbling

photo Alex tumbling

photo Emerson tumbling

Jump Rope for Heart will take place February 17th in the Westside gym during your child’s PE class. Information will be coming home soon, please watch for it!

Mrs. Cahill, Ms. Bowers student teacher, will be with us until March 3rd. We welcome her here!

image1 Mrs. Cahill

photo Jump rope for heart


Music Reading at Westside

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Westside Elementary students are learning different ways to read music. One way to read music is by using a listening map. A listening map shows the listener what the music sounds like, by using visual images or pictures. Students in all grade levels use listening maps. In Kindergarten and first grade, a Big Book is used in a group setting. This student is tracking each note of a melody, by pointing to a visual representation (circle/dot) on the page.


Students in second through fourth grades learn how to read and use the maps independently from a text book. In the pictures shown, students follow a listening map to the song “A String of Pearls” by Glenn Miller.


Kindergarten and first grade students are just beginning to learn about barred instruments, such as the xylophone (made of wood) and glockenspiel (made of metal). The children listened to the story “Up, Up, Down” by Robert Munsch. The words in the story can by imitated in sound. When the character in the story climbs up the tree, students strike the instrument, one bar at a time, from the lowest sound to the highest. The instrument makes it sound like someone climbing! Then, when the character falls out of the tree, students use a “glissando”. This is done by swiping the mallet across the bars quickly from the highest sound to the lowest. You can “hear” the character falling!


In preparation for the upcoming holiday, upper grade level students engaged in a lively discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr., followed by a song that incorporates Dr. King’s famous words “free at last”. Here, students are reading the lyrics in the form of a poem.

There are many fun activities planned for the remainder of the year. It is going to be another great semester in music class!


Hour of Code at Westside!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Westside students took part in the national Hour of Code, giving students of taste of computer science and skills for 21st century success. Students in kindergarten through 4th grade completed activities to provide them with an understanding of how computer programming works. Early introduction to these skills invites children to explore a much-needed career path.


Kindergarten through 2nd grade completed the fun and engaging Kodable, teaching students to think like a programer by focusing on the importance of sequence and order and introducing students to algorithmic operations.


Third and fourth grade students used MIT’s Scratch program to animate the letters of their names by correctly applying computer programming language. Using Scratch encourages students to think creatively while organizing programming instructions to complete the tasks they need to accomplish.



Monday, December 12th, 2016

The students in Mrs.Prokopec’s second grade class are sharpening their math skills through baking. The boys and girls had to follow directions of the recipe, identify the measurements, select the appropriate tool, and measure the ingredients. In the end their Apple Jack Cookies received two thumbs up!


Graphic Squares in 4th Grade

Monday, December 12th, 2016

This line drawing lesson takes the students and their love for doodling to a whole new level. We began the lesson by reviewing the elements of art and how we combine them to create the principles of design in our artwork. Pattern, repetition and balance are the focus as students design their own graphic illustrations. This lesson is currently in progress. The final artwork will be displayed soon!graphic-squares-1