Two Norfolk High Students received Outstanding Merit Awards at ESU 8 Art Show in Neligh

Last week Norfolk High art students participated in the 2015 ESU 8 High School Art Show in Neligh. There were approximately 830 pieces of artwork from 18 schools. Norfolk had 43 pieces in the show. Judges awarded blue ribbons (1st place), red ribbons (2nd place), white ribbons (honorable mention). There was also a Best of Show, Best of Show – 3D, and 9 Outstanding Merit Awards, all of which were given to much deserving and talented artists from ESU 8.

Here is our ribbon count:

1st place – 8 ribbons

2nd place- 12 ribbons

Honorable Mention – 6 ribbons

I am also proud to announce that TWO of our students received Outstanding Merit Awards for their work!!!! Elley Coffin did a large chalk drawing and Ericka Bixenmann did a monochromatic tempera painting.


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