Norfolk High Students raise $1,400.26 for Childhood Cancer Campaign

The Norfolk Panther Octagon Club held it’s annual fundraiser for the Childhood Cancer Campaign the “Battle of the Sevens” Friday, April 17th, during 7th Period at the Norfolk Senior High. Classroom teams were are asked to contribute to the cause of helping local families during the week of April 20-23.  All funds raised will stay local to help Norfolk families.  This year’s donation from students and staff currently stands at $1,400.26…This is the 2nd highest total raised at NSH for CCC.

Norfolk Panther JOOI Clubs have an excellent relationship with Children’s Hospital in Omaha.  They sponsor several mini-carnivals there each year for patients and siblings.  They assist  with their Fall radiothons to raise funds to help children and families from across the state…many of them from Norfolk and northeast Nebraska.  They are also responsible for removing the coins from The River (their wishing well) in the atrium of Children’s Hospital each year and help turn these “wishes” into funds for the hospital to use to help kids.  It’s not uncommon JOOI to pull as much as $1,000.00 in coins from The River.  JOOI is scheduled to go back  in June to do this again!


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