The Leader in Me Award!

leader pic 2The leader in me award is an award given to a deserving student each month from each class at Jefferson Elementary.  The classroom teacher chooses a student that goes above and beyond expectations to be a great leader and role model for the school.  During plus time a group of students worked with the school counselor to create a list of qualities a leader should possess.  Some characteristics the students came up with were: follows directions, respectful to adults and others, turns in homework on time, has a positive attitude, doesn’t talk when the teacher is talking, is a good listener, dependable, shows teamwork, honest, ignores distractions, stands up for what is right, has a good work ethic, works quietly, is kind to others, organized, sets goals, helps others and is patient.  The leader in me award is a great addition to Jefferson’s student of the month program, we have lots of great leaders at Jefferson!  Pictured above are the first group of leader in me award recipients.



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