Spring Activities at Jefferson!

This Spring Jefferson students were able to attend an assembly called Kids on the Block courtesy of the Nebraska Elks.  The assembly talked about using your manners, including everyone, bullying and many other topics that students are faced with each day.  The puppets held the students attention and there were lots of laughs and giggles in the audience.



Jefferson PTO and Title held there annual book walk and Bingo night.  Each student that attended was able to go home with a brand new book and was able to win several fun prizes during Bingo.  It was a great night to spend time with Jefferson families outside of school.



Third quarter Accelerated Reader winners were able to spend two weeks during plus time working with the robots!  Mrs. Johnson taught them how to race the robots, shovel snow, code and they even named the robots!  The top readers were able to show off their robot skills in front of all the students at an assembly.  Both staff and students were impressed by all that they could do and look forward to working with the robots in the future.  pic3



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