Montessori Figure Out the Breakout EDU Box

The Breakout EDU Box is “one of the most buzzed-about education tech innovations” to hit the schools this year.  Modeled after the recreational team sport of Escape Room, but instead of getting out of a locked room, you must figure out how to get inside a locked box.

The Montessori teachers got a taste of Breakout EDU Box at their most recent PLC meeting.  They did succeeded in breaking all the codes to open the box, which revealed a prize.

What’s fun about this?  Well, teachers can build lessons around the students’ need to get into that box.  The lessons and codes the teachers create can be problem-based which in turn has students interact with each other to solve the codes.  Lessons can be cover every topic ranging from elementary literacy to environmental science to high school physics.  Codes to get into the box can also be based in computer coding to reveal the next step to continue to open that box!

The Montessori teachers cannot wait to implement just another way of learning and problem solving into their classrooms. dscn4576dscn4578dscn4580dscn4583


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