Why YOU should be at GRANT on FEBRUARY 28?

*  “I love books that rhyme!” – Paxten, 1st

*  “I liked when I got my face painted.” – Karley, 1st

*  “It’s family fun!” – Tanner, 2nd

*  “I bring money for the blanket raffle but I’ve never got to win it!  It might be me this time!” –Danna,         2nd

*  “You need to look around!  It’s so much fun!” – Margarita, 2nd

*  “I get to win prizes and get to go to all these classrooms.” – Fernando, 3rd

*  “‘Dr. Seuss Night’ is fun because it’s celebrating reading and reading is important.  Reading helps you learn.” – Justyce and Ceanna, 3rd

*  “I convince my mom to come every year and she always brings me!  We win prizes!” – Logen, 4th

*  “Making cookies out of truffala trees was a lot of fun and ‘Dr. Seuss Night’ gets families together.” –      Shanea, 4th

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