A Partnership of Many Friends

The First United Methodist Church in Norfolk has formed a partnership with Grant School.  In the summer of 2014, the Great Plains Annual Conference of the Methodist Churches passed a resolution in support of educational partnerships within communities.  The resolution states that the church recognizes that public schools are facing budget cuts and other challenges each year which force educators to do more with less.  The goal of the partnership is to improve the educational environment, to support efforts to reduce poverty, and to improve social and physical well being for all students.  The mission of our partnership with First United Methodist Church is to mentor and support Grant School’s staff and students to help our children mature into healthy, well-adjusted young adults who are equipped to contribute to the work force or to have successful college careers.

The First United Methodist (FUMC) congregation has provided our school with money so that each student could select a book from the December and May Scholastic book club orders.  What a terrific opportunity for our children to take the book home, share it, and enjoy reading with their families at home!

Students love the time and attention that is offered to them when the classroom volunteers from church come into school to work with them.  Staff appreciate the church partners who support each staff member with positive thoughts and cards.  It feels like we have a big family who loves us!

At the holiday time, church friends helped to make the season brighter by sharing gifts and meals with some Grant families.  Grant students made a holiday video thanking our partners and it was included on the church website.

Volunteers from the church served hot dog meals and provided child care to the families during February conferences.  There were fun, bright Valentine crafts for the kids to make while their parents and siblings attended conferences.

A staff appreciation luncheon is in the works and we look forward to many other opportunities to nurture and grow our relationship with the church.

We are so very thankful for our FUMC  friends and we are loving this special partnership !!  Thanks First Methodist!


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