Dr. Suess is in the House

To honor Dr. Suess and Read Across America Week,  Woodland Park staff and students will be celebrating reading the week of February 27 – March 3rd with some fun activities to encourage every child to get excited about reading!

We have the following activities planned for the week:

Monday:  Hop on Pop and Butter Battle  Students may wear a hat to school.  It can be a Dr. Suess hat, a carzy hat or a hat of any kind.  Mr. Strong will dress up as the Cat in the Hat and read one of the above stories to your child’s class.  Students will get a Hop on Pop treat.

Tuesday:  I Can Read with My eyes Shut:  Students will buddy read with another class.

Wednesday:  Wacky Wednesday  Students wear clothes all mixed up!  Shirts can be backwards or inside out! Children will also be called something other than their name for the day! (name tags with space for the chiild’s new name will be provided)

Thursday: I’m Not Going to Get Up Today and a Great Day For Up  Students will wear approiate pajamas and slippers to school.

Friday:  The Lorax:  Kindrgarteners may bring a stuffed animal, while older students may bring a pillow to school.  Children will watch  a video of the cartoon version of the Lorax on You Tube.  Students will get to eat some “truffula seeds.”

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