Music with Mrs. Stange

One of the first questions I got from students (and some staff!) when I started this year was: “Will 4th grade get to play recorders?” I’m happy to say we have!  Most of the students are doing quite well, and are very excited about learning to play.  After learning some basics, we began using a book called Recorder Karate.  Students earn belts for learning to play songs on their recorder.  Songs increase in difficulty, and students must earn their belts in order, just like they would in karate class.  Above are some 4th grade students who have earned their white belts.  Some students have even given up recess time (willingly!) to come test for their belt. We’ve just started this book, and I can’t wait to see how far they’ll go!

REcorder pics 1 Recorder pics 2

recorder pics 3




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