Exploring Envisions

Hello from Mrs. Heying’s 4th Grade Classroom!
We have been working so hard this year in all subject areas but especially when it comes to Math. Our new Math program, Envisions, has been keeping us on our toes this year, preparing us for our big step into Middle School. So far, we have covered Place Value, Rounding, Expanded Form, Addition, Subtraction, and several new ways of thinking and solving multi-stepped problems.
What’s so great about the Envisions program is the daily use of our chromebooks. Every lesson lets us explore different videos, games, and questions that can be answered in many different ways. We are learning that there is always more than one way to solve a problem and this program allows us to answer questions in ways that our brains think. It’s awesome! Is it hard? Yes! But, we love a challenge.
The manipulatives and charts give us helpful visuals when we need them and the centers that are offered are just another fun way to extend our knowledge on each topic. We have a hard road ahead but we are excited about Math and what this new program has to offer and teach us!


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