Jefferson’s Winter Fun

The month of December was an exciting one at Jefferson Elementary. Miss Nebraska came to Jefferson to see the Kindergartners at the beginning of the month. While here she read to the students, handed out books from Read Aloud Norfolk, and a couple of students even got the opportunity to try on her crown! IMG_0047 IMG_0049 IMG_3820 IMG_3835 IMG_3841

Right before winter break the kindergartners also went on a hunt for the gingerbread man! He ran all around the building and the students had to follow his trail of gumdrops and the clues he left! They finally caught him in the Principals office of all places! When they were all done chasing the gingerbread man they were able to make their own gingerbread man to take home.IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0098 unnamed



The last week of school was a learning experience for all of Jefferson because it was Science week! They did all kinds of experiments in their class rooms and each class took a turn in the gym learning new and exciting experiments with special helpers from the Washington Pavilion.IMG_0393 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0406 IMG_2166 IMG_2169 IMG_2185

The students at Jefferson also learned how to code right before winter break. All of Jefferson took part in Hour of Code, where they learned different ways to code in their classrooms and then they were able to spend some time in the Library coding some robots! The third and fourth graders were also able to go to Daycos in Norfolk to learn a little bit more about coding.IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0209 IMG_0218 IMG_0220


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