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Veterans Visit Northern Hills

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Mrs. Blakeman’s 5th grade class had some very special guests for lunch on Friday April 16th.  Norfolk’s very own “hometown heros” came to have lunch one last time at Northern Hills.  Dave from US92 was also on hand to say a few deserving words to our Veterans and the class.  Mrs. Blakeman’s classes have enjoyed having the Veterans for lunch every year for 24 years!!!  The kids have learned a lot from our Veterans, they feel honored to speak with them and learn about their experiences in the military. 

Thank you Veterans!!!


Warm Hands Warm Hearts

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

double heartmittens

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for kids to discover how much fun it can be to help others.  Fifth grade students at Westside Elementary decided to warm some hearts with a party that collected new or gently used mittens for students in the building. Mittens do get lost and their collection will help  recess paras mitten-equip students whose mittens turn up missing.


Celebrating The Chinese New Year

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Chinese Day 003

Mrs. Blakeman’s 5th graders at Northern Hills were busy learning about the Chinese New Year this week.  They wore authentic Chinese Kimonos and ceremonial caps with braids.  The color red is supposed to bring you good luck.Chinese Day 006

They had a special lunch visitor, Mr. Glen Blakeman, was on hand to teach everyone how to eat their school lunches with chopsticks.  We learn something new every day!

According to the Chinese Horoscope, most of the kids in the 5th grade were born in the Year Of The Rabbit.  People born in this year are nice to be around.  They like to talk, and many people trust them.

Everyone at Northern Hills got to share in the celebration by getting a fortune cookie from the 5th graders.  Thanks for sharing your special day!

“Gung – Hey – Fat – Choy!”    (Happy New Year!)



Positive Action Leaders

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Positive Action Leaders at Westside Elementary consist of a group of fifth grade students who show positive character traits and serve as role models for the entire school.  The Leaders have a variety of roles in the assemblies each month.  They sing and dance to a song titled  “Respect and Pride” which details how to treat others respectfully and how to have pride in yourself and your actions. The students act in small skits and help Principal Mrs. Drahota and Counselor Mrs. Holcomb explain the character lesson for the assembly.  This month students discussed “Healthy Choices.” They demonstrated how to prepare the mind and body to live healthy every day.  Healthy choices lead to a positive self-concept.

positive action


Senior Pen Pals

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

 Mrs. Becky Wilpen pal mailes, activity director at Golden Living Center, has taken the idea of pen pals to new places. Mrs. Wiles created a program this fall semester as a new way for students and seniors to connect and share life experiences through letter writing and parties.

In order to forge stronger ties between the two groups, Mrs. Wiles arranged for the twenty-six students in Mrs. Full’s fifth- grade class to exchange letters with seniors. There will also be parties where the fifth grade pen pals and their senior pen pal will be able to meet and interact.

To promote connections between the generations, students and seniors will look through the lens of “then and now.”  For instance, students and elders will compare how they traveled, school subjects, activities, technology, and family life. In addition, spending time with elders can teach our younger generations patience, common etiquette, and most importantly respect. Social awareness activities encourage students to think about others and broaden their knowledge of the  world.

On Friday, September 11,  representatives of the class visited the center to meet and exchange the name list. Their excitement was contagious as they shared with the rest of the class, “There are Husker fans, railroad workers, musicians, and a guy named Leonard has a dog in his room!”